1. Dear Betty


    We are so sorry it has taken so long to get around to this most important letter, but the whole moving/resettling/recovering exercise took longer than expected.


    We want to offer our sincerest thanks for you and your team’s professionalism during the sale of our home in Chesterfield Rd. Epping recently. Your reliable advice and calm personalised service eased us through the sale process, leaving us satisfied that all aspects were covered come Auction Day.


    Although having sold investment properties previously, we had never been through a sale of a property so close to our hearts, or which has so much personal involvement left us confident you were in control all the way through the process.


    We chose Better Homes after meeting a number of Real Estate agents in the area, based on your forthrightness, honesty, expertise and apparent knowledge of the region and its market as well as taking the time to truly understand and later present, the unique features of our property.


    Your schedule and checklists kept us organised and structured and everything appeared to run like clockwork- on time, every time. Your experience proved reliable in many decisions that could have been detrimental but ultimately proved beneficial in securing prospective buyers. Your knowledge of the needs and tastes of buyers allowed us to tailor the presentation and marketing of our property appropriately. Your subcontractors and trade recommendations did their job capably and within budget, in fact we have used some of them since or plan to use them when opportunity requires in the future. Finally, we couldn’t be happier with your choice of Auctioneer who did such a wonderful job progressing the sale with motivation, patience and occasionally humour but with minimal pressure, to such a satisfying price.


    Should the circumstance arise in the future to sell in Better Home’s area of coverage, we would certainly use your services to put the property to market




    Barry Goodwin and Maree Tyrrell